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HEADING for Hawaii or any place where you might swim? Somebody out there would like to take pictures both under and out of the water! SCUBA AND SNORKELING! Underwater MINOLTA Weathermatic Dual 35 Underwater Camera Excellent condition. For this price why not take a chance? Very cool dual-focus compact Minolta. It is watertight and can be used up to 5m. Automatic flash, film loading and rewind. Minolta Weathermatic 35 DL The Weathermatic 35DL issued by Minolta in 1987 is basically the same dual-focus compact camera as the Minolta AF-DL. The difference is the watertight camera body of the Weathermatic which makes it a real camera for aquanauts, with waterproofing to 5m. The electrically driven dual focus lens is hidden behind a water-tight window and the battery compartment is sealed. A big sports finder can be mounted to ease usage under water with goggles. A button on the back of the camera enables "macro" close-ups underwater. The 35 DL is solid and made from high-quality plastics. Below water, it operates in fixed-focus mode. Above water, it utilizes an infrared active-type autofocus with a range of 2.5 ft. (0.75 m) to infinity. A focus hold feature is available. Shutter lock is indicated by a red light next to the viewfinder. The flash is fully automatic; it cannot be turned on/off and has no adjustable settings. Film loading, transport, and rewind are also fully automatic; the camera lacks a button to rewind film in mid-roll. Specifications Edit Lens: 1:3,5/35mm, switchable to 1:5,6/50mm Autofocus: Infrared active-type autofocus with a range of 2.5 ft. (0.75 m) to infinity. Films: 35mm films of 100 ASA or 400 ASA film speed Exposure: subject weighted metering, programmed automatic exposure Viewfinder: magnification changes when lens is switched. Power: 223 6.0V LITHIUM PHOTO PAK See picture Still has the one pictured from 2010 in the camera and it still works! Weight: 275g without batteries. Floats in water. Selling on line for $10-$40 Film available at: carries ISO 200 and ISO 400 35mm color print photo film in rolls with 24 exposures. Walgreens and lots of other places still do developing and prints at reasonable prices. Check internet. Cash only, trades not wanted not accepted, must take possession if the item in person, my availability is from 2-8:00 eves m-th and some Sat and Sun Texting is by far my most preferred method of communication. Live in mid Meridian so easy to get to. :-)