Heritage 22 only AND 22LR/22MAG Revolvers  - $166.25 USD Listing ID: 41038

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Listing Began: September 24, 2018
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Heritage Firearms is just over-the-top on the variety and options on these Classic American Replica Revolvers.  These look awesome!
If you're just going to plink, the single 22LR should be just fine for ya.
If you get it with the 22 mag cylinder option, you save having to order the cylinder later and pay for shipping.  The Dual cylinder is perfect for recreational shooting and for hunting with very respectable accuracy in a 22mag.  Where I come from, we call that "The Best of Both Worlds."
The Rough Rider by Heritage Firearms.  Western shooting has never been this good.

Most 166.25 for the Dual Cylinder 22LR/22Mag, a little more for the laminate and birdshead optons *** Brand new. Cash price listed. Add 1% for Visa/Debit.  No trades please.

Heritage 22LR (only) RUBY RED 6.5" barrel with red ruby laminate  166.25
Heritage 22LRs 4.75" or 6.5" barrel w/cocobola grips OR 6.5" Black Pearl grips $144.25.  Has one 22LR cylinder only.
Heritage 22LR/22mag 4.75" or 6.5" barrel w/cocobola grips (deep dark red) $166.25.  Has both 22LR & 22Mag cylinders
Heritage 22LR/22mag 4.75 barrel w/laminate grips (golden brown green laminate)  $189.90
Heritage 22LR/22mag 6.5 barrel w/laminate grips (golden brown green laminate)  $189.90
SOLD  Heritage 22LR/22mag 3.5" barrel w/BirdsHead PINK grip $188.75 (pictured)
SOLD -Heritage 22LR/22mag 3.5" barrel w/BirdsHead grip $182.75 (pictured)
Heritage 22LR/22mag 4.75" barrel w/BirdsHead grip $188.75

David (iGuns)