AKC Fancy English Labrador Heavyweights Born 06/16  - $1,200 USD Listing ID: 74865

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Listing Began: June 17, 2018
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AKC Fancy English Labrador Retrievers Heavyweights, born June 16th, 2018, 1 white female and 4 black females available for sale, ready August 4th, 2018! Mellow Yellow/Simply Silver Labradors is proud to announce we have a new litter of GORGEOUS fancy English Labrador Retriever puppies born June 16th, 2018 between 2 year old AKC Mellow Yellow's Lilly Monster, an icy white WHITE traditional black nose sporty type English AKC Labrador Retriever female who weighs 75 lbs, to our pride and joy 5 year old AKC Simply Silver's MY O-Payette Knight, our massive HUGE BLOCKY HEAD 96 lbs black silver factor heavyweight English Labrador Retriever male. We have 5 out of 9 puppies still available for sale in this quality well bred English Labrador litter, with one white female available, and 4 black females available for sale. Puppies from Lilly/Opie will be ready for their new homes at 7 weeks on August 4th, 2018. Deposits to reserve puppies out of Lilly/Opie costs $300, and our total prices for pet puppies out of Lilly/Opie on AKC limited registration (without breeding/show rights) are $1200 for black females, and $1500 for the one white female that are sold on AKC limited registration without breeding rights. AKC full registration with breeding and/or show rights IS available to approved breeding and/or show homes for an additional $1000, for AKC full registration with breeding rights. These 5 female puppies available will ALL make excellent breeding prospects, and some will carry the silver/dilute gene, as well as ALL will carry WHITE. So some of these puppies can also produce rare champagne colored silver Labs in white with a light silver or white with a charcoal colored nose and rare champage silver colored puppies are also born with light blue/green eyes!! SO if you are looking for future silver factored breeding prospects, with improved English conformation, temperament, and type, that also carry white champagne, these puppies are amazing quality well bred breeding prospects that are not only gorgeous English heavyweights that are very well bred AKC English Labradors but that also carry silver/dilute and white and white champagne, so we can dna test all of the puppies to confirm which puppies for sure carry the silver/dilute gene and all are outstanding fancy English heavyweights with very blocky heads and very thick bones and would greatly improve any silver breeders bloodlines!! Plus they all carry white which is also rare, especially English types that carry both white that also carries silver!! Both Lilly and Opie are amazing AKC English Labrador Retriever purebreds and these puppies out of Lilly and Opie will be our 5th generation here at Mellow Yellow/Simply Silver Labradors. Both parents are drop dead gorgeous, true English Labradors, with that super easy going laid back style with tons of low geared drive and bubbly laid back energy that is so mellow and easy to train, loyal, devoted, kid bomb proof, both parents are very athletic for being so thick boned with heavyweight builds, both are super relaxed and laid back with that super chillax easy going bubbly style so you really get to enjoy the companionship of a true mellow English Labrador for which we breed for mellow family dog temperaments first and these babies make excellent relaxed laid back indoor dogs that do not require tons of exercise, which is so much different or unlike the American Labrador counterpart that will dig, destroy, and eat the arms off your couch AFTER playing all day long!

This pedigree has tons of champions and is also related to the famous Ridgeview Bugs Bunny seen in the last head shot photo of this advertisement, and second to last photo is a picture of Isis, Lilly's impressive massive 108 lbs mom. These puppies are also proven to be so smart and so easy to train, Lilly's full sister Bailey is also an obedience AKC champion and earned her first championship CGC title at only 7 months of age, very impressive!! These English Labrador parents are VERY ATHLETIC AND BOTH PARENTS ARE EXCELLENT HUNTERS TOO, which we are known for our amazing English Labradors who also NATURALLY HUNT, and Opie is excellent on duck, goose, and ALL waterfowl which it is also very hard to find true English Labs that also hunt!! So if you are looking for that super fun next new hunting buddy, along with the relaxed laid back style that English Labs are so well known for, well this is the litter for you if you are looking for that stunning quality laid back English Lab that naturally hunts and retrieves and is soo happy doing it too!! And of course ALL OUR LABS ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE WATER, or they wouldn't be real Labs!! Please check out my website at www.silverlabs.iwarp.com for tons of photos of all our fancy AKC English Labrador Retriever heavyweights, in all colors, where we have been professionally breeding purebred AKC dogs since 1994 with many many wonderful references gladly furnished upon request. We are located in Payette, Idaho and sell many of our quality AKC English Labrador puppies to out of the area buyers so we also offer delivery anywhere from Payette Idaho up to 5 hours one way, and those delivery fees depend on the total mileage, but typically costs between $150 to $300 for delivery. Please feel free to contact us at any time by calling our HOME PHONE ONLY #208-739-9482, no emails or texts please due to internet scammers!!